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"Promoting the Scottish Terrier breed and providing fellowship to breeders and owners for over 70 years".



  • Promotion of the breed (public events and gatherings, social media).
  • Promotion and support of reputable breeders. 
  • Standardisiation of health screening to international standards.
  • Support and mentoring of members (general pet ownership and show/conformation).
  • Hold conformation shows with leading terrier judges.

"The Scottish Terrier is a loyal and devoted companion. It has exceptional strength and courage in a compact, tough package. Originally it was bred for hunting vermin on the Scottish moors. They are a happy, cheeky breed who love life."



  • Grooming and handling workshops.
  • Members Competitions (fun).
  • Championship Show (competition with interstate and overseas judges).
  • Rescue and re-homing support.
  • Quarterly Newsletters.
  • Yearly Calendar Competitions.
  • Members only website access.
  • Lots of fun/social events where you meet other Scotties and their owners.


“Scottish Terriers are a big dog in a compact body. They are thick set with short legs. They are very agile and active in spite of their short legs, suggestive of great power and activity in a small body”.