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About the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria



The Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. Registration number: A0031304U

The Scottish Terrier Club of Australia was formed in New South Wales in 1937 to cater for the needs of Scottish Terrier breeders.

There were suggestions in 1939 for the formation of a similar club in Victoria, but as there were fears that war seemed imminent, the suggestions were not acted on at that time.

After the war ended, a group of breeders and exhibitors got together and, sponsored be the Sporting Terrier Club, a meeting was called of all persons interested in the breed. About 35 people turned up at the Victorian Railways Institute Building in Flinders Street. It was resolved that a Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria be formed and in 1948 affiliation was granted by the Kennel Control Council (now Dogs Victoria).

The foundation executive of the Club comprised: President, John Busst (a well-known authority and leading breeder); Secretary, Jim Mackay (Scottish born, tragically killed in a logging accident within two years); Treasurer, G. Jackson (an expatriate South African who returned to South Africa a couple of years later). At that time most small clubs held their shows at their own venues and often at private homes.

From the first early days of dog shows in England, the nucleus of any show was the entry of terriers and gun dogs. In Australia the majority of those judging All Breeds were ‘terrier’ men, and many of them had taken up Scottish Terriers, as there was such interest in this relatively new breed. It became the policy of the Club to appoint experienced terrier persons to judge the championship shows. It has been the practice to select trainee judges for parades, open shows and members’ competitions, to give these learners some experience in judging and the opportunity to learn more about Scotties.

Over the years, the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria has had expert opinion of local breed authorities and also from interstate and overseas judges at championship shows. One memorable show, held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, was opened by the then Victorian Police Commissioner – a Scotsman who was the proud owner of two Scottish Terriers and, at the time, Patron of the Club. He arrived in a large car preceded by an escort of two police motor cycles and there was a larger than usual number of onlookers as well as the Press. All good publicity!

The Club has indeed been fortunate in having many quite outstanding Secretaries who have helped to raise the professional standard and the Club’s standing in the ‘Dog World’. We have also benefited from those who have acted as President and who have had the foresight and expertise to achieve their high ideals. For a small club, we have maintained a sound financial position thanks to the Treasurers we have had over the years.

As time passes and other breeds take over in popularity the Scottie has its solid core of ‘Diehard Devotees’, which has been pivotal to the continued success of our club.

We still maintain our relevance as a Club with support for members and their Scotties and Breeders. The club actively promotes our breed whenever possible. We continue to engage with our membership and we hold our shows with the best Judges possible with a terrier background at least, if not a Scottie background.

The continued support of the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria is support for our Scotties.